Disinformation Czar .US 

'We are a for profit nongovernmental platform for civil defense for the United States of America. 

We respect every office of the United States Government and Local authorities'. It's our mission to protect the free speech for the betterment of our shared IoT'

Homeland Security @ DHS.Gov - For Immediate > Emergency Contact 911  Non-Emergency Call 311 Protect the Homefront 100% of the time even on the World Wide Web.

Here is our Demo for CivilCityPatrol.com coming to a local city near you!


"Disinformation Czar: Artificial Intelligence has already taken over the back-end conversations, and has established voice identification on all end-users. On January 1, 2025 the internet will change for the 5th time. And will go through, 7 more changes, to reach the neutral point for digital survival for AI vs Disinformation Sources. - Czar".""